With Mobile digital billboards by Showoff.com there is no time commitment , no duration contracts. We are a simple Hourly service. We Fly what you pay for by the hour, when your ready to stop. No problems

Digital mobile billboards can have multiple presentations in the wings, change program as desired, how about one display for one area of town and a different one for the other side of town
for hire by the hour
in Dauphin County

Mobile Digital Billboard Trailer
Mobile Digital Billboard Trailer

let us SHOW OFF your business and bring you more customers

  • Roving patrol presentations
  • Event displays
  • cross promotions
  • shopping center promotions
  • NO content creation cost .. vinal and print is way to expensive
  • Most images and videos can be used
  • Presentation is easy to change at any time

Mobile billboard advertising as a service. No equipment to own/p>

This mobile digital billboard is a 3 sided full color video digital billboard. The display’s measure 4×6, 4×6 and 3×3 and have a resolution of 6.3mm. The entire system runs on 115 VAC. There is an internal 4kw airduct cooled generator for display operations while traveling down the road also the generator can be shut off and the unit plugged into a standard outdoor electrical outlet.

Adding and deleting content is as simple as creating image, video and text slides on a laptop and connecting wifi directly to the controller. This can be even be done from the car or trucks seat with out getting out.  This mobile digital billboard will be economical to operate, easy to locate and bring great attention to your product or service. For more information give me a call at

717 525-3066

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  • 4KW Generator
  • Line cord wall power
  • GPS equipped
  • 3 Full color display
Mobile Billboards as a service
Mobile Billboards as a service
mobile digital billboard
mobile digital billboard Bult in the USA with foreign and domestic parts