This is the discovery to build a CNC Table.

Hello and thank you for reading here. Today is the start of a new project . In the past I have just built things and then wished I had documented better. The taking pictures and video’s is the hard part as I always work alone. What new and exciting is this will be my design and research notebook. hopefully readers many have constructive infomation to add.

Lets start out by disussing our design objectives. What are we trying to accompolish.


  1. Be able to drag a tool via cnc over a work surface
  2. Inteface the tool mount to a low cost Plasma Cutter
  3. Possible be able to chnage tools

so lets start to look at some of the subsystems required

  1. work frame
  2. Gantry Frame
  3. Computing system and mounting
  4. Software intergration

What are some the THINGS we need to build this. Not a complete list like a BOM – Bill of Materials but more like a brainstorming scratchpad.

  1. some sort of Rail system
  2. Some sort of Gantry Drive System
  3. Some sort of Tool Intergration.

okay , so now we know some of the questions, I am sure more will come along as I dig into this.

Lets gett started By looking at Rail system Compents. Please Click Here for page on Rail Systems