On this Page we will look at Rail systems and their componets.

There are many types of rail systems out there so we will start by looking at some common types

The first type of rails we will look at are called ” Linear Rails”

This is an image of V-Slot 20×20 Linear Rail and is presented courtesy of OpenBuilders Parts Store.

The piece show above comes in a variety of lengths and two finishes, Sleek Silver and Industrial Black. As an example a Stick of this 1,000 mm (39.4 inches) currently is about $11. So we can see this is a cost effective way to Build.

V-Slot 20×20 Linear Rail

V-Slot 20×40 Linear Rail

Notice that one site is 20mm and one side is 40mm

V-Slot 20×60 Linear Rail

V-Slot 20×80 Linear Rail

As an example here is one of their complete kits. At less than $2000 is quite a kit.

C-BeamĀ® Linear Rail

C-BeamĀ® Linear Rail Assembly

OpenRail Linear Rail

OpenRail Linear Rail Assembly

The next section shows how you use the rails to connect to stuff.

Threaded Rod Plate – NEMA 17 Stepper Motor

Notice the Plate is screwed on to the Linear Rail and that plate receives the Stepper Motor