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Planer knife adjuster

Planer knife adjuster

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  • Using micro-adjustable magnet, this jig will help you install new planer blades in perfect alignment with accuracy.

  • The easiest and most efficient way to reset your blades, fits most planer blades.

  • Simplify setting and adjusting knives in a cutter head by stabilizing the knife blade. 
  • The system consists of two gauges each within a framework featuring magnets for firmly attaching to a cutter head. 
  • Simply place the gauge assembly over the knife and then adjust for the correct knife height. 


Material: Steel

Minimum Cutting Block Diameter: 75 mm
Maximum Cutter Diameter: 125 mm

Height Adjustment: 22 mm
Incremental Adjustment: 0.15 mm

Weight: 370g(approx.)

Package Includes:


2 x Planer Blade Setting Jigs

1 x Wood Box

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