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Sharpening Frame Aluminum Alloy Fixed Angle Sharpener Woodworking Chisel Non Slip

Sharpening Frame Aluminum Alloy Fixed Angle Sharpener Woodworking Chisel Non Slip

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Product information:

Model Fixed Angle sharpener
Specifications White corundum whetstone monomer, fixed Angle sharpener monomer, Whetstone + sharpener combination (mm)
The shape of Rectangle of length
The material Aluminum alloy
Particle size 1000/6000 (Items)
Scope of application All kinds of knives

Features of fixed angle grinder:
1. The whole aluminum alloy is processed by CNC, and the linear guide rail is silky smooth, flexible and silent
2. The maximum clamping length is 53mm, and the grinding angle can be adjusted freely to adapt to different types of chisels.
3. The four corners are equipped with anti-skid foot pads, which will not slip during grinding operation.
4. No technology is needed to achieve fast and safe tool sharpening

Use process of grindstone:
1. Soak the grindstone in water for 5 minutes to make it fully absorb water.
2. Grind the knife scientifically according to the order of rough grinding first and then fine grinding, place the sharpening stone flat and stably, and then hit back and forth according to the blade angle
Rub repeatedly.
3. There is no need to scrape off the slurry when sharpening the knife. The effect of sharpening the knife is better when there is slurry
4. After use, rinse and place in a cool place for air drying.
Product description: mesh number refers to the particle size of the grindstone, that is, the particle size. The smaller the mesh number, the thicker the surface
The greater the number, the thinner the surface.

Packing list:

1*Grindstone monomer+ 1*sharpener/ 1*Grindstone monomer/ 1*sharpener

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