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Woodworking Scriber With Carbide Blade

Woodworking Scriber With Carbide Blade

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Product information:

Type: European line drawing device
Measuring range: 0-120mm
Scope of application: Woodworking marking
Material: aluminum alloy/stainless steel
Size: 215mm
Specification: single simple scriber, single simple scriber+blade, 12mm blade


1. Stainless steel scale rod, with laser scale, smooth, rust proof and accurate scribing
2. With fine tuning function, it can measure more accurately
3. It is used for woodworking depth measurement and outer ring scribing, which is easy to operate
4. Discarded blade, with Torx screwdriver, can be replaced at any time.
Usage: First set the scriber to the required length, lean the backer against the edge of the wood, and roll the blade to scribe.

Packing list:

Wire feeder*1/blade*1/ Wire feeder*1+blade*1

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